Chung cư discovery complex cầu giấy

Discovery Complex building with Vinhmes Metropolis & Sun Grvà City 69B Thuy Khue is known as a high-class & brand-new residence in the last quarter of 2018 in Hanoi City, with the number of floors of 54, 70 and 65 respectively. This is the construction of the famous brand TCI Group Kinc Do, the hope of creating “The highlight of Cau Giay district”. With the idea of two towers symbolizing the two candles, the night light spreads và the meticulous care, certainly Discovery Complex will be the project attracted much attention from customers as well as investors.

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The location of Discovery Complex


Discovery Complex Location

Discovery Complex is located at 302 Cau Giay – Dich Vong Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi, on the main Cau Giay Road and Chua Ha Street in the west of Hanoi.

The Discovery Complex has a 100m frontage at 302 Cau Giay, adjacent to the Cau Giay triangle – Tran Dang Ninc – Chua Ha. This gives the Discovery Complex apartments 2 lớn 3 openings. At the same time, Discovery Complex is located in the center of the triangle: Dich Vien Park – Nghia Tan Park – Thu Le Park.

Discovery Complex has a special advantage lớn exploit the business forms, living convenience near the range of common facilities of Cau Giay district such as schools (Cau Giay Primary School, Nghia Tan Secondary School, Cau Giay High School ); hospital (Cao Cao General Hospital, 198 Hospital); park (Dich Vien Park, Thu Le Park); Tourist sites (Museum of Ethnology); Stadium (Nghia Tan stadium)

Finally, the elevated railway of the thành phố (running from Nhon lớn Hanoi Railway Station) is connected to lớn the project at the second floor of the Shopping Centre. This is considered a huge advantage, increasing the cấp độ of competition Discovery Complex with other projects. As a connecting point of the railway, it also brings convenience in traffic, the crowded bustle of shopping demands is the premise for the success of the Shopping Mall in Hanoi as well as the Discovery Complex project.


Discovery Complex Perspective

Overview of the Discovery Complex Building

Foreign thiết kế consultancy: Surbana; ADDPhường. Architects; Leng Consultants; PTA Consultant Pte.Ltd

Discovery complex project with a total investment of 4,000 billion VND, is one of the three biggest buildings of Hanoi.

Discovery Complex is designed as a complex with a total construction area of 10,218 mét vuông, construction mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa accounts for 40% of the project. The complex consists of an apartment building (54 floors), office tower (43 floors), commercial center (08 floors), 4 floors of trees, 5 basements (containing about 1,500 tourist cars & 15,000 motorbikes)

Perfect 5-star convenience at home

The Discovery complex 302 Cau Giay offers customers the most luxurious living in the building.

400m2 swimming pool with smart giải pháp công nghệ, International standard Gym, Massage và Spa.

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Supermarket at basement B1, cinema BHD 7th floor, ngân hàng, restaurant, cape, stroll, tree floor, play area …

International Kindergarten with area 518 mét vuông at floor G

8 story commercial center with thousands of luxury brands catering khổng lồ the leisure needs of residents

In addition, the project also has modern car parking & 24/24 security system, Escalator, door loông chồng, doorbell display image ensure to lớn bring residents maximum comfort và class.

The CBRE Professional Property Management Unit ensures that the building operates in accordance with international standards và adds value khổng lồ long-term housing.

Intelligent thiết kế, perfect quality

With the long experience of Singapore thiết kế agencies & kiến thiết consultants in nước Australia, the apartments at Discovery Complex have sầu specially designed open spaces.

All living rooms, bedrooms, toilets are in direct contact with light, wind, or air ventilation.

The layout of the function room is square, with no dead corners, easy khổng lồ kiến thiết & construct of beautiful furniture.

The system of doors, floors, walls, plaster ceiling is arranged in harmony. All living room floors, bedrooms are used Glomax ( high-grade industrial wood from Germany). The whole system of accessories in the apartment includes doors, kitchen cabinets, door lochồng, odor absorber, lighting equipment to the hot water heater, air conditioner … are provided by reputable firms và Quality in the world as Hygiene equipment brand name Bravat – Germany, imported furniture system such as Franke Cooker, Franke Swiss Toiler, PHG Door – Australia, Epik Bell (Korea), Fujitsu Air Conditioner (Japan) …

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