If you want to get from Ho Chi Minch City (Saigon) to lớn Can Tho in the Mekong Delta, taking the bus is the easiest & cheapest way to vì it.

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There are a couple of bus companies that vì chưng the route but Futa Bus seems to lớn be the company of choice for many people, it’s a big bus company covering much of Vietnam giới.

So far I have only travelled with Futa. First I’ll give sầu the information you need to get a ticket, after I’ll tell you about what my experience was lượt thích with the process.


How bởi you get a ticket?

There are four ways you can buy a ticket:

Buy it online from their websiteBut it online using the Futa appPhone lớn pre order your ticketGo to lớn a Futa branch and buy it there.

I went lớn one of the many branches in Saigon khổng lồ buy it, they spoke enough English khổng lồ understand where I wanted to lớn go, và lớn tell me what time to be there and how much it was. You can buy a ticket days in advance or on the day.

I recommkết thúc just going to lớn the branch as the app is all in Vietnamese và the phone number didn’t work.

How it works is a shuttle bus will take you from the branch, out khổng lồ the bus terminal. The shuttle bus can pick you up from the Futa store, or it can piông xã you up from a khách sạn or backpackers in town.

The ticket cost me 110,000 VND for a standard seat on an air conditioned bus. This included the shuttle bus service.


Do I need to lớn pre book?

No. You can turn up on the day và get the next bus available. They run about 5-6 times throughout the day. I’d recommover pre-booking just for peace of mind, even if you pre book for later in the day.

When vì chưng I need khổng lồ be at the city branch?

A shuttle bus will take you from the thành phố branch to the main bus depot further out of town. You need khổng lồ get to lớn the đô thị branch an hour before departure. My bus left at 10:00am và I got khổng lồ the thành phố branch just after 9:00am after getting a taxi – take inlớn trương mục rush hour traffic if you’re getting there via your own means of transport!

What vì you need to vì at the main bus depot?

Easy – find which bus is going to lớn Can Tho! Save yourself a lot of time & effort & just ask at the information desk or one of the many staff wandering around. They’ll either point the bus out to lớn you or walk you to the bus.

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Are there any rest stops?

Yes, there is one stop about two thirds (about 2 hours) inkhổng lồ the journey at a large terminal. I don’t actually know the name of the town but we had 20 minutes for a bathroom break, lớn stretch our legs and buy food or drink. I got myself a nice ice coffee. Take note of your bus number so you know which bus lớn get baông xã on! I took a photo lớn of mine as my memory isn’t the best with numbers.

How long does it take?

The trip is about 3.5 hours.

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My Experience travelling with Futa

The Futa tiện ích was in Vietnamese so it was pretty useless, the website was hard lớn navigate & I couldn’t find the trang chính base of Saigon in it (even on the English version of the site), & the phone number didn’t work for me, I would always get a short pre recorded message I couldn’t understvà then it would hang up. Through a process of elimination I went lớn the branch, I didn’t mind as I had some questions I wanted khổng lồ ask like the price, when I needed to be there etc.

The thành phố branch is basically a room that is open to the street with a whole load of chairs and fans blowing. There was an even set of tourists and locals when I was there, all of us killing time waiting for the shuttle bus khổng lồ take us khổng lồ the main bus depot.


When they said ‘shuttle bus’ when I bought my ticket I imagined what they’d be like in Australia: a trailer on the baông chồng for the luggage và an air-conditioned minibus. It wasn’t that. Two shuttle busses arrived, và as they arrived everyone jumped up và rushed to lớn the busses, I thought it was first come first serve! So I jumped up too & lugged my pachồng on my back, grabbed my smaller bags và walked quickly lớn the shuttle bus. We all pilled on with our luggage on our laps or on the floor and luckily there was room for everyone.

The trip khổng lồ the depot was fine, there was minimal or half broken air nhỏ attempting to lớn keep us cool và loud Vietnamese pop music playing, the driver had his phone plugged into lớn the speakers and when a song came on he didn’t like he would skip until he found one he liked.

When I got lớn the depot there were hundreds of busses parked, but only a few near the terminal, all the same colour: an orangey – red colour. I walked inkhổng lồ the main terminal and looked at the departures và saw a bus going to Can Tho at 10:30am, perhaps that’s my one (even though I was told it was leaving at 10:00am). I casually used the bathroom but the 10am leaving time was niggling at me so I thought I should ask for help, so I showed my ticket to lớn a guard and he seemed a bit alarmed. He pointed and rushed me to lớn a coach that was about to leave sầu, I guess my bus did leave at 10. Thankfully this one did have a luggage compartment & aircon!


I sat next khổng lồ an English lady but didn’t really chat lớn her. I popped on my iPod, listen lớn Radiohead (comfort music) and looked out the window as we travelled. It was nice to lớn see Vietphái nam out of Saigon, this was my first time out of the city. I was a little nervous as I sort of knew Saigon và now I was heading out into lớn the unknown (again!) The landscape was a phối of main roads, rice fields, small towns and banamãng cầu plants.

When we arrived at the rest terminal it was nice to get off the bus. Every announcement on the bus was in Vietnamese without any translation, so the reason I knew khổng lồ get off was because everyone else was. I heard a French woman say ’20 minutes?’ and the driver said ‘yes đôi mươi minutes’. I wandered around, had a bathroom break, kept an eye on my bus và got an ice coffee, that’s all there was really time for. The terminal was big with lots of shops & stalls selling fresh fruit and veg. There were also places you could buy hot food.

We all got baông xã on the bus & just over an hour later we arrived at Can Tho, the kích thước of the terminal gave a good indication that we were here. When everyone pilled off this confirmed my suspicions. When I arrived at Can Tho I had the address of my airbnb loaded on maps and I simply asked a staff member which shuttle bus would go near that. She pointed at one so I got on it, about 10 minutes later the shuttle bus was full with luggage on our laps và the floor và I headed off inkhổng lồ my new town!

Quiông xã guideCost: 110,000 VND for a standard air-conditioned seatTravel time: about 3.5 hoursRest stops: One, about 2 hours into the journeyToilets on the bus: NoPre-book ticket? If you want but not necessary.Buses leave sầu about 5-6 times a dayCalling or visiting the branch is the easiest way to lớn get your ticket (if you get through on the phone.)