Hà Nội Fc Vs Ceres

This match is supposed to be a decisive match to find the champions yet it kicks of in the frame work of AFC Cup 2019 semi-finals where holds the Ceres Negros and Hanoi FC match.

The Philippines side Ceres is too familiar with the tournament that they claimed the championship in 2017 before reaching the final which was thrashed by Home United.

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They delivered a strong and stable performance with five consecutive wins taking top of group G until their first loss to Becamex Binh Duong (Vietnam) despite they still get a ticket for the next round.

While the V-League champions, Hanoi Fc is considered a bright candidate, they met some troubles before gaining group F winner.

In the first half of the qualifying round, The V-League side team faced dangerous case to draw Tampines Rovers after a shocking loss to Yangon United thereby finishing 4 points after 3 matches.

The loss has just gone they quickly got back their high form and win the last 3 matches to reach the regional semi-finals

The expected first-leg clash will kick off at Panaad stadium on Tuesday June 18, where they proved confidence as well as the opportunity to defeat any team.

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Ceres side Bienvenido Maranon and Hanoi FC’s Ganiyu Oseni are the top players of the tournament with 9 goals each.

Hoffenheim and Eintracht Frankfurt, Stephan Schrock played behind Maranon while OJ Porteria and Mike Ott are in charge of both wing.

In the back, the Philippines national player Alvaro Silva will be a huge implement for its defense with the net of Roland Muller.

For Hanoi side, there are many raising stars including Nguyen Quang Hai, attacker Senegal Pape Omar Faye or midfielder Pham Duc Huy.

Whatever team moves on will be a tough challenge for them at AFC Cup 2019 and they have one more reason to believe on themselves ahead of the important match.

Live Ceres Nagros vs Hanoi FC

https://fptplay.vn/livetv/fox-sports-hd https://cliptv.vn/truyen-hinh/fox-sports

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