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Thế Giới, Vietnam"https://chungcuad1.com/nha-xuat-ban-the-gioi/imager_9_10764_700.jpgs foreign language publishing house, was established in 1957 to lớn introduce readers around the world khổng lồ Vietphái nam through publications in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese and Esperanto. It also now publishes biligual books and books in Vietnamese. Cliông chồng for more on books Thế Giới publishes Vietphái mạnh Cultural Window (English only), a popular bi-monthly illustrated magazine, as well as Vietnamese Studies (French version: Etudes Vietnamiennes), a quarterly academic journal.Cliông xã for more on Vietphái nam Cultural WindowCliông chồng for more on Vietnamese Studies
Thế Giới also offers consultancy services: its experience in translation & publishing makes it the first-rank publishing house in Vietnam for cooperative ventures in the book industry, printing, as well as translation from Vietnamese inlớn other languages and vice-versa. Book series of special interest for those who want to lớn keep up khổng lồ date with the changes in Vietnam:

Questions and Answers (A series of books in English, French, Russian, và Spanish) about contemporary matters in Vietnam, including education, religion, globalization, human rights, ethniđô thị, etc.

Memoirs of War : the wars for national independence in different periods of Vietnamese history, especially from 1946 to 1954 và from 1954 lớn 1975.

The Many Faces of Việt Nam : national heroes, celebrities in the political, cultural, educational, social fields and others.

Thế Giới publications cover a wide range of topics: 1.

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General information about Việt Nam: geography, history, ethnic groups, religion, etc.
2. Politics - current events
3. Socio-economic life
4. Culture and tourism
5. Literature and the arts
6. Science và technology

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8. Notable people
9. Dictionaries and reference books
10. Teaching và learning Vietnamese
11. Publications in French
12. Publications in Spanish
13. Bilingual publications
14. Publications in Vietnamese
Love Stories of Modern Vietnamese Politicians
Ho Chi Minh En Los Recuerdos
Vietphái mạnh l"https://chungcuad1.com/nha-xuat-ban-the-gioi/imager_9_10764_700.jpgaprès - chargin
La haute commandement et le printemps de la victoire
Traditional Festivals in Viet Nam
Publications of other Publishing House 13
President Hồ Chí Minh"https://chungcuad1.com/nha-xuat-ban-the-gioi/imager_9_10764_700.jpgs Testament
Unforgettable Days